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Car Seats and the City Mini

Hello! New here but have a question. I've been researching car seats and double strollers and hoping the get some questions answered. Baby #2 is due in Jan a few weeks before DD's 2nd birthday.

I have a small Chevy Cobalt and the trunk and back seat are small. We have a graco infant carrier from DD and a convertible car seat that DD currently uses. They do not fit in the back seat together no matter which configuration we do. Either the carrier fits or the convertible fits. Does anyone know of a line of small car seats. DH and I are up to spending some money to make them fit. We are open to replace either one in order for them to fit as well.

I was also looking at double strollers. We just got back from BRU and tested the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and it fits perfectly in my trunk (actually way better than my Graco single stroller). My only concern is the car seat adapter. I watched a video and it looks like it sticks up a lot when it is folded up. We only have about 8 inches of room on my trunk when sliding it in. It won't fit will it?? Any other double stroller that folds small that would accommodate an infant car seat? I may just forgo the car seat adapter and make it work since the City Mini fits so well but I did love not having to pull a sleepy baby out of the car!

For my DH and I its spend a little money on new car seats and a nice stroller or get a new car. We really don't want to go the new car route! 


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Re: Car Seats and the City Mini

  • So I think my DH may have figured it out. He put the Snugride in the middle RF and the convertible behind the driver's FF. The catch is how he secured them. The infant one he had to use the seat belt instead of the latch and hooks. The convertible he used the latch up on the back dash. Anyone see a problem with this way of securing them?
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  • laura1laura1 member

    We have 3 carseats across the back of my CRV - so I am sure you can fit 2.  The most narrow convertible seat is the Diono Radian, and we have 2 of them.  We love them!  Our infant seat is a snug ride 22, and it fits with the radians.  I think the smallest infant seat is the Baby trend seat - we were worried we would need to buy it to fit everyone across in our car, but we were able to make it work.  

    We have the 2 radians FF - behind the driver and in the middle.  The infant seat is RF behind the passenger.  The 2 outside seats (one radian and the snugride) are installed with the seat belt, and the middle is installed with latch.   

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  • I'd check out the Safety 1st Guide 65. We have on in DHs 3 series BMW great RF...the person in the passenger seat actually can scoot almost all the way back. They have a picture with 3 across on the back as well. Nice little seat made for small spaces and with extended RF.

    I stick with the City Mini if I were you or check out the Valco Snap Dual. I wouldn't skimp there.

    Also go get the seats inspected after you install them. You may be limited in what you can do with seat set ups by manufacturer. The top tether comment sounds off.
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  • Thanks everyone! I appreciate the help!

    I should have explained a little more about the top latch. Since we will be putting DD forward facing when this baby comes (she will be 2) there are the hooks at the bottom in the seat and then there is also a anchor up top on the back dash. My DH had it hooked into both.  

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