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Identical twins with bicornuate uterus

A couple of weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and that I had a bicornuate uterus. When I went to the doctor today we found out we are having identical twins. The sonographer mentioned that she had never seen anything like this before. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I am a little nervous about it. I am going to see a high risk specialist next week but was wondering if anyone's else has had this before?

Re: Identical twins with bicornuate uterus

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    takmjstakmjs member

    I have a bicornuate uterus, found out with my first (and only, so far) pregnancy. I joined the Facebook groups for bicornuate uterus people, and there are a few on there who have had twins--not sure if any were identical. One woman had them a couple months ago, both in the same horn, and made it almost to 36 weeks. You may want to join the Facebook groups.

    Good luck! 

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    I have a Bicornuate uterus and had my fraternal twin boys at 27 weeks 6 days.  They were each in their own horn the whole pregnancy.  I feel like in hindsight there were things that could've been done differently to prevent them from being so premature but I had no issues until about 5 days before their birth.  They did spend 63 and 68 days in the NICU and were about 2-3 months behind developmentally for the first 2 years. Now at 3.5 years they're perfect in every way! I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant with my last baby, ONE little girl this time. I was told to take it easy at 14 weeks when my cervix measured on the shorter side and at 20 weeks I had a cerclage placed and have been on strict bedrest ever since. But my cervix is measuring awesome at 4.5+cm so the bedrest and cerclage are working. I just have 7 more weeks til our goal! Oh also I have been seeing a high risk doctor and regular ob for both of my pregnancies. With my twins I groaned about the possibility of bedrest when my high risk doctor wanted me off work at 20 weeks but I was doing so well he let me continue to work... This time around I took bedrest very seriously! If its suggested to you to take it easy at any point, do it! I didn't mean to scare you in anyway when writing my response, just sharing my story... Remember every pregnancy is different and yours could be a breeze! Good luck to you!! 

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    Thank you!
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    Hi!  I am 27w2d with boy/girl twins - I have Uterus Didelphys (UD).  Haven't talked to many people that have had UD + twins!!  Its a bit different than bicornuate.  I was actually misdiagnosed w/bicornuate for about 10 years before finally finding out (via MRI) that I actually have UD.  Luckily, my cervix has been measuring well, and most things have gone smoothly!  Failed my 1hr GD test last week, hopefully will pass the 3hr tomorrow!! ;)  There is a Mullerian Anomaly group on FB that is very helpful, as well as a Yahoo group.  Look into those, if you have not already!!  Hope all goes well for you!!! :)
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    Omg i found out yesterday too! I also having twins but i dont know if theu will be fraternal or identical. I am 5 weeks 2 placentas 2 babies on one side. I am so scared and happy i figure to try the forum and find so sort of support. I wish you the best of luck! Im sure we will all be just fine! We need to eat healthy and rest. My hormones are in overload constant cramps, tired and out of breath i have a long way to go!
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