June 2011 Moms

changes are coming...get excited!

From Bump Jackie:


the new board updates are coming, as promised! We?ll be implementing the changes from June 25 through July1.

Here are some exciting highlights --

?         Receive notifications when members comment on a thread you originally posted, when you?ve been tagged in a thread, when you have earned a badge, when you receive a private message (and more!)

?         Tag other Bumpies in your posts (@BumpJackie) and they?ll receive notifications

?         Earn new badges for your community actions (more info coming)

?         Choose the best/most helpful response on a thread that you start

?         There will be a 3-day waiting period before new members can post



What is changing with Private Messaging?

?         More prominent spot on the main screen (no more searching for inbox), and you?ll receive notifications when you have a new message!

?         You can now message multiple users in one PM!

?         NOTE: ?OLD? PRIVATE MESSAGES IN YOUR INBOX WILL BE GOING AWAY on or around 7/12, so please save any information you may need from them!


Happy to answer questions! These changes are live on The Knot if you want to see what it will look like.


Re: changes are coming...get excited!

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