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Severe tailbone pain

Any one else have excrutiating tailbone pain? After 33 weeks of an absolutely wonderful symptomless pregnancy, I feel like I am being punished.
It hurts to stand, walk, sit down, get up, lay down, turn over. Every movement I make feels like my nerves are being severely pinched at the bottom of the tailbone.
I realize that the ligaments are loosening now and that it's normal to have joint pain which I do have in my fingers but this is on another level. 
So my question is, donut cushion hasn't helped, sitting in a hot bath doesn't help because I can't sit properly and it's uncomfortable, tylenol doesn't help, icy hot doesn't help, what if anything can I do?
I have emailed my doctor, awaiting a reply and thought I'd throw it to the forums. 

Re: Severe tailbone pain

  • Have you got a massage? Maybe acupuncture? I have RLP constantly and moving around is just getting uncomfortable period. Whether that's getting up from sitting, sleeping, out of the car...just constantly. I think it is part of the struggle with end of the third tri.
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  • Also try chiro. I've been trying that and massage with some relief.






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    I had the same exact thing for over a month with my first pregnancy and for a few weeks with this pregnancy.  Unfortunately NOTHING helped!  My doctor said that it is just the position of the baby and how they are laying on nerves etc.  Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, the baby must have repositioned himself and the pain went away.  Hopefully you get some relief soon.
  • I was going to mention baby's position as well. Check out the spinning babies website to get some ideas for stretches. 
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  • I have had the same issue off and on for awhile. Try prenatal yoga- I've been finding it is worse when I miss a class. 

    Unfortunately as others said I think it is the position of the baby.


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  • I have been having this for several weeks. I went to the chiropractor first and he did a small adjustment but said it was everything spreading out getting ready for baby and suggested massage.  The massage has helped tremendously.  After mt third treatment the pain is much less. I also alternatr between sitting with a pillow at my back and sitting on an excercise ball.  Hope you feel better


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  • Me me me! I'm also dealing with this same excruciating pain. I can hardly stand uo after sitting down. The pain is so breathtaking. I'm miserable. Hoping it goes away soon.
  • Maybe try a maternity support belt.

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