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Re: The Hook Effect

Okay, someone posted about this recently and said the line got very light past a certain point. I'm now freaking myself out because I tried it on a Wondfo both yesterday and today and it is still super dark, no need for dilution. So this is supposed to be a cause for concern?
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Re: Re: The Hook Effect

  • No. You probably have a better batch of wondfos or aren't as dehydrated as my crazy self. :)

    ETA: I peed on a dollar tree test a few days ago and it was as dark as ever. 


    My cat can read EKGs, can your human do that?
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  • Whew. Okay. I had spotting this pregnancy and didn't have it with the last so I'm easily freaking myself out it seems. :) I think I'm going to retire from POAS this go round.
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  • I wouldn't think so, from my understanding, there is more than one variant of hcg and the hook effect only applies to one variant of hcg. The article I read is very detailed but I wouldn't think that you have cause to worry. Never mind the fact that you have no wy of knowing how diluted your urine is. 

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  • I took a test yesterday and dark dark dark. Today I had an ultrasound znd there is definitely a kid in there

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  • My ex husband's fiance is 7 months pregnant with their first together and she didn't see a doctor until about 17-18 weeks along because of insurance issues... Anyways at her first appointment I went with her (we became friends after they got together and I went up there for my daughter to visit them) and the doctor gave her a urine test to confirm pregnancy and it came out totally, no doubt about it negative! We were shocked! They tried to tell her she wasn't pregnant until we talked the doc into pulling out a doppler and finding baby's heartbeat RIGHT AWAY... The doctor told us that that sometimes happens further into pregnancy for some but never gave a reason WHY it happens or what it means. The next day they confirmed she was 17-18 weeks along with ultrasound and baby and mama are still all fine and healthy!
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  • I know this is an older post but is there any possibility that the hook effect could be why my urine tests keep showing up negative while I have almost every pregancy symptom?
  • itsmeally said:
    @BlueEyedFishy‌ I think it's *more* likely that you're testing too early or you just aren't pregnant.

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