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Zofran mama's

I called my doctor earlier to ask about zofran and he prescribed it because it's been really hard to eat or drink much of anything.  I'm 8 weeks 4 days.  I don't know why but I feel really nervous and guilty for taking it.  I know it will help if I take it.  My mother and MIL I feel would definitely scold me for taking it but at the moment I feel pretty desperate.  The nurse I spoke to seemed pretty short and said she caught the doctor while going into another exam room to ask him about my question.  Did your doctors mention any risk to the baby when taking zofran during the first trimester??

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  • I took it with both of my pregnancies and will do it again should I need it this time around. Only s/e I found(and some others) was constipation, which would not affect the baby. Don't feel guilty for taking it. Extreme vomiting could be detrimental to both you and your baby's health should you get too dehydrated.
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  • I've been on 8mg twice a day since 5 weeks, and have recently added more medicines.  I was also on it with my DD and she has no issues.  Its a class B which means no safety concerns have been noted but it has "not been studied enough in humans" which seems crazy because so many women have and continue to take it. 

    And for anyone who judges you for taking anything your doctor has approved, shame on them since they are not in your situaiton.

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  • I took it with DD too.  I have no issue taking it safety-wise.  However, it does cause constipation so I try to take only as much as absolutely necessary.
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  • I'm taking it right now, I'm not worried to be taking it. It is better for me to be taking this then throwing up all day long. If you need it you need it, it is a class B drug. But be forewarned up your fiber cause omg the constipation is awful. 

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  • I took Zofran my entire first pregnancy and am on it again now. My daughter is completely healthy, no ill effects from it.
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