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EU/UK regulations for overnight sleeping in carrycot?

I think this is the best place to post this question. We have purchased the Inglesina Avio puschair system, which includes a carrycot and Maxi Cosi carseat. I would like to use the carrycot for overnight sleeping in our room (our mini crib won't even fit in the room with us) until Baby outgrows it. The bottom of the carrycot has slits in it and is therefore ventilated, at least on the bottom. I would like to buy a separate mattress that is properly ventilated, since the one that comes with the carrycot is not ventilated.
The carrycot is not approved for overnight sleeping. Will purchasing a properly ventilated custom mattress fix any problems there would otherwise be with using the carrycot overnight? Is there something else I am overlooking besides the ventilation issue? Should I be concerned that the sides of the carrycot do not have air vents? I don't exactly know what the regulations are.
I see Inglesina sells a stand for the carrycot, which leads me to think they envisioned the carrycot could be used as a type of moses basket ... but that must be just for short term sleeping?
I appreciate any thoughts/information. 
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