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Dr says I'm miscarrying, but no symptoms for 2 weeks?

So i went to the Dr 2 weeks ago for my first u/s I'm estimating I was around 7 weeks and she tells me that she cannot find the baby. Just an empty Ges. sac. So she goes on to tell me im loosing the baby.She tells me she wants me to have blood work done the same day and again in 5 days. She calls me the day that i did my second round of lab, and she tells me that my HCG levels had risin just a little bit. she said they were 37105 the day she told me which was on a thursday and on tuesday she said they rose to 39278. she said they are not rising up like they should be and its what she expected, that I am going to miscarry, but I tell her the last couple of days my pregnancy symptoms have gotten worse, and she tellls me to come back in that thursday and we will do another U/S to ease my mind. I went in to do my u/s and she still could not find my baby.She told me that she was very sorry and that now i need to get my labs done once a week. here it is 5 days later and no cramping, no, blood, nothing, i feel perfectly fine. My acne has gone down thoughand im not having anymore round ligament pains or any morning sickness, i still get a little nasea every now and then, other than that i feel great. She told me at my last appt that i should start miscarrying this weekend and nothing has happend. on the U/s she said it was starting to seperate. I dont know what to think or do! I have an appt with another dr next week for a second oppinion if i dont start bleeding by then. Help! what do yall think?

Re: Dr says I'm miscarrying, but no symptoms for 2 weeks?

  • Unfortunately, it can take your body quite awhile to figure out you are miscarrying.  If you feel that you can't wait, I would talk to your doctor about other options.
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  • Ditto what Samm said, it can take a while for you to miscarry naturally. With my first pregnancy, I went in for my first u/s and baby was measuring 3 weeks behind. Blood confirmed that I should be at 8weeks instead of 5. I had one more confirmation u/s the following week, and there had been no growth compared to the week before. I had my D&C later that week. Technically, my baby had stopped growing 4 weeks earlier and I still felt pregnant (m/s, sore boobs, constipation, acne, etc.), but things still weren't happening on their own. These symptoms didn't start to fade until a few days after the D&C. With my most recent loss, I was spotting and cramping, u/s confirmed that the embryo was starting to detach. I'm sorry that you are in this situation, and so sorry for your loss.
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  • I agree with the others it can take your body awhile. I had the same as you a blighted ovum. I had and empty sac as well except my numbers continued increasing all the way up to 86000! After 2.5 weeks of no MC or even spotting they decided to do a DC since my body didnt seem to want to let go. It does seem that your levels have started to level which means you probably will MC but who knows when. I'd totally speak with your doctor about your options. Good luck and I'm sorry this happened.
  • I went through the same thing. At seven weeks the u/s just showed a sac no baby. I thought my dates must have been off. I waited about 3 weeks after the first u/s and went in for another, still no baby. I decided to wait and miscarry at home. A week pasted and still nothing no signs of miscarriage or anything. I then decided to have a d&c to help me health and move on faster although it wasn?t an easy decision. This was my first pregnancy and my DH & I were really excited. Im sorry youre going through this....its not easy I know...

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  • Well I went in for more lab work yesterday and the Dr had called me back right before the office closed and told me that my levels are dropping pretty fast now. I guess i was in denial. This is my first pregnancy and I was really hopping id be one of the lucky girls and not have to deal with this, but hey i guess it wasn't my time yet. I was really hoping it wasn't true. The Dr said I should start bleeding anyday now. Today i've been cramping a little bit but nothing major, feels like light menstrural cramps. last night i was cramping at the top of my stomach.
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