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Let me know what yall think! Luau party

My daughter is having her 6th birthday in June. We finally decided on a Luau a month or so ago so Ive been slowly getting things here and there. The colors are pink and blue with tiki heads and hibiscus flowers .

Our dining room (where all the food will be served)

Pink tablecloth with grass table skirt, a 3 foot palm tree in the middle of the table made from pineapples.

A watermelon shaped as a tiki head filled with watermelon balls.

Fruit kabobs with a hibiscus flower printed on the end of the kabob stick.

Chocolate fountain that can be used for the fruit kabobs. bowl of marshmallows will also be available for the fountain.

Hawaiian ham rolls, meatballs and a veggie tray will also be served.

A large drink dispenser with a pink punch. All of the kids will have coconut cups with the umbrella straws, pink cups for the adults.

Serving cupcakes with coordinating cupcake toppers

Above the table will be pink lanterns and blue puff balls

Outside there will be a photo shoot area- a Hawaiian background with funky sunglasses, leis, grass skirts and tiki mask.

A pi?ata made of a luau girl will be up

We will play limbo with Hannah's favorite music

Im going to fill up about 300 water balloons (because they only last like 5 minutes so hopefully 300 will last a bit longer to keep the kids cool) and have a little area for them to throw the balloons.

We will have a present table decorated with the pink tablecloth and grass skirt. Then I saw these palm trees I can make with streamers and balloons, I one for each side of the table.

Then there will be 2 tables for eating at. One for the adults and one for the kids that will be decorated like the other tables (pink table cloth and grass skirt)

I have paper tiki head decorations and I will probably put 2 on each table then have hibiscus flowers scattered on top of the table.

We use the pi?ata candy as a the favors since its a big hit every year with the kids but I don't know if Im doing too much or not enough as far as decorations. One day I say enough is enough and the next Im trying to order more crap!! lol, Im doing this party pretty cheap since Im making the majority of everything.

So, does it sound like enough? Can you think of any luau things kid appropriate that I'm missing?

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Re: Let me know what yall think! Luau party

  • That sounds awesome.

    The water balloons make me want to have a summer birthday.

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  • More ideas:
    -Having a lei & grass skirt for each kid
    -Flip flop nutter butters https://www.tammileetips.com/2012/01/flip-flop-nutter-butters/
    -As a decoration on the food table you could have a little sand caste made out of brown sugar
    -Add fruit monkeys to the pineapple tree  https://www.glorioustreats.com/2012/08/pineapple-tree-centerpiece-with-fruit-monkeys.html
    -Turn the drink dispenser into a tiki head  https://www.parents.com/fun/birthdays/themes/luau-theme-birthday-party/?page=10
    -Pass the coconut (like hot potato)

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  • Sounds great!

    As PP mentioned I'd have a lei and a grass skirt for each kid to wear at the party and then to take home (or maybe grass skirts for girls and carboard tiky masks for boys) 

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  • Love the idea.

    Something to add - since you're already doing cupcakes.  My friend did a luau party for her daughter's birthday and made the cupcakes into "snow cone cupcakes" by putting them in styrofoam cups with sprinkles on top.


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  • Thanks Ladies! We do have leis for everyone attending and I have a few skirts for the photo ops but I don't want to spend too much more for favors.


    I saw the fruit monkeys but instead of doing a HUGE pineapple tree we are doing a 3 pineapple one, you bringing up the fruit monkeys gave me the idea to do them on a smaller scale though! maybe I could try kiwis, mini bananas, mandarin oranges? I will have to do a trial run!!

    I love those snow cone cupcakes!! we already have cupcake decorations, I was considering trying to make a barbie hula girl birthday cake to go along with the cupcakes though. I think for our 4th of july party I will have to make those snow cone cupcakes in red white and blue, that is the cutest idea!

    I think I will add those flip flop nutter butters to the table!! Too cute!

    Thanks again everyone!

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  • ccamccam member

    Love the idea.

    Something to add - since you're already doing cupcakes.  My friend did a luau party for her daughter's birthday and made the cupcakes into "snow cone cupcakes" by putting them in styrofoam cups with sprinkles on top.


    Those cupcakes are so cute!


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  • I have done many chocolate fountains before.  Make sure you put this in an area easy to clean up (outside is even better! as long as it is not to windy).  I have had chocolate on the walls even.  Kids + chocolate= mess!

    I usually cut up a disposable tablecloth to put underneath it.  I change it out a couple time during the party.


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  • Sounds cute! Love the snow cone cupcakes posted above. :)
  • This all sounds great!! I really wanted to do a luau theme for my daughter's party but couldn't figure out the right timing with her sleep schedule. It sounds like you have plenty of food and decorations so I don't think you need to add anything else. 
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