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1st Trimester

and the spotting is back!

I feel like crying, im spotting but no pain! if it keeps up im going to the ER. has this happened to anyone? any reassuring words? im 7 weeks 2 days!

Re: and the spotting is back!

  • It's normal.. I freaked out as well and put a call into the doctor. I was reassured everything was normal. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy
  • Cbeau+3Cbeau+3 member
    This is my third pregnancy and I spotted the first trimester of my second and this one. It is completely normal! I was a wreck the whole first trimester of my second pregnancy. I started spotting again yesterday but I am much more relaxed this time. No need to go to the ER unless you are filling up a pad like a period. Try not to make yourself sick over it.
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  • ::Lurking::

    I had spotting with my last pregnancy. Nothing terrible, but it did make me worry. I honestly think it was just implantation bleeding.

    My first pregnancy I had spotting, but that was due to an ectopic. I would say that if you are not in pain and it is not bright red, then it is normal. Always feel free to put a call into your doctor though.


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