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Enfamil Gentlease & Similac Total Comfort - disadvantages?

Are there any disadvantages or reasons NOT to try the partially broken down formulas, if our LO has been spitting up a lot?  I know nutritionally all formulas are the same, but does the broken down formula slow down digestive development or have any downside?  



Re: Enfamil Gentlease & Similac Total Comfort - disadvantages?

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    These formulas also have corn maltodecstrin (sp?) as the carbohydrate instead of lactose. BM and any other natural milk has lactose as the carbohydrate. I believe the standard formula is better for that reason. With all the research that shows that corn syrup is not good for you and contributes to obesity rates, I am nervous giving a corn based carbohydrate to my children.
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  • My LO gets the Enfamil Gentlease and he has since he was about 2 weeks old. He was fussy and I assumed it was gas which is why I started him on this formula. He was definitely less fussy once starting it. He rarely spit up at all when he first started it, but once he started taking larger amounts per feeding he began to spit up a little bit more. Nothing too terrible and he seems to spit up more often at certain times of the day...not sure why. He is also growing like a weed and super happy!
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