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Back in L&D

Had my 34 week appointment today and I've changed from 2-3cm and 70% to 4cm and 100%. I've been admitted to L&D for the 3rd time. Dr thinks ill be here till the Girls arrive but who knows. During Ultrasound today Baby A had estimated weight of 5lbs 2oz and Baby B was 5lbs 6oz. Hoping Girls hold on for while longer! Fingers crossed!  
Me: 31, DH: 37, TTC #1 since 06/09, dx: Endometriosis diagnosed by Dr during ER
02/10-low progesterone on 21 day bloodwork (5.2); on hold due to cyst
04/2010-9/2010 6 failed Clomid cycles with TI (unmonitored)=BFN 4/10 SA= perfect
8/10-HSG all clear
9/10-started seeing RE
10/10-Femara + TI= BFN
11/2010 through 2/2011 IUI #1-3 Femara + Ovidrel=BFN
03/2011 through 8/2011 BREAK CYCLES (had 8 babyshower to go to, house remodel, 30th b-day and College Graduation)
9/2011-Started back to RE, waiting on cycle due to it being late, and work travel had to hold off IUI #4 till 10/2011
10/2011- IUI #4 on hold due to cyst, 2 weeks BCP
11/2011- IUI #4 (11-21-2011?) Femara + Follistim + Ovidrel=Converted over to T.I. (NO Trigger) due to too many follicles=BFN
3 cysts due to follistim cycle
January 2012=IVF #1 cancelled and converted to IUI #4 due to dominant follicles=BFNN
IVF 1.2=??? on hold due to cysts, on hold w/o B.C. till they resolve
br> Aug 2012 IVF 1.2, cyst aspiration 8/7, ER8/16, Dr found Endometriosis in Left tube during ER ER:7, Fert 5, 5DT scheduled 8/21/2012, transfered 2 Blasts, hpt + 8/28/2012, beta 8/31/2012-BFP -21(chemical pregnancy
IVF #2 October 2012
ER 10/13/2012, 6R,5M,3F
10/15/12 ET:3dt 2 embies
+HPT 6dp 3dt.
1st beta 10/29/12 Positive 13dp 3dt=654
2nd Beta: 10/31/2012: 1,836
3rd beta 11/5/2012 (20dp 3dt:13,655
1st u/s 11/12/12 TWINS!!! 2nd u/s 11/26/12
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Re: Back in L&D

  • FX for a few more weeks!
    Natural m/c Oct. 2005

    Dx: balanced translocation and LPD

    TTC since Oct 2011

    BPF 02/19/12, EDD 10/31/12, natural m/c 02/28/12 (4w6d)

    IVF (BCPs starting 10/30/12, ER 11/18/12, 5dt of 1 beautiful, healthy embryo 11/23/12)
    BFP 12/02/12, u/s @ 6w,5d showed 2 HBs! Identical twins!!
    Bed rest from 21w-35w due to short cervix, hospital bed rest from 23w-32w due to PTL
    Our rainbows were born 07/19/13 (36w, 5d)

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  • Good luck, hope they stay put a little while longer!
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  • Hope they stay in a little longer.  If not, you've made it so far already and did a great job. 
    Double the love
    photo Eastercollage_zps0735f04a.jpg
    7/30/12 - B/G twins born at 33w4d due to PPROM
  • TP to you!
    [center]Rachel (35) and Joe (34)[/center]
    [center]TTC since 2005 - Visit my blog [url=]The Knocked-Up Hopeful[/url][/center]
    [center]2005-2008 TTC Naturally - No luck[/center]
    [center]2008-Present TTC via ART[/center]
    [center]6/2008 - Salpingecotmy - Right tube[/center]
    [center]5 IUIs - All BFN[/center]
    [center]4/2012 - Moved to a new RE[/center]
    New work ups indicated more issues:
    Me - MTHFR, Hypothyroid, Lupus Anticoagulant, possible Luteal Phase defect, Hubby - Low Kruger count
    [center][i]IVF with ICSI is our only option[/center]
    [center]8/2012 - IVF #1, 24 follicles/21 mature/17 fertilized/11 frozen (3 arrested, 2 didn't make it to freeze quality) BFP!!!! First one EVER! Ended in early loss[/center]
    [center]10/2012 - D&C with Hysteroscopy to correct lining issues [/center]
    [center]12/11/12-FET #1- Transferred 2 5AA embryos! Beta #1 (9dp5dt) 185, Beta #2 (12dp5dt) 735!!![/center]

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="pregnancy" border="0" /></a>
  • Good luck!  Hoping the girls stay in a little longer!
  • Hope they're able to stay put for a little longer! If not, you've made it this far which is something to be proud of!
  • Sending T's and P's your way! 34 weeks is a good thing though! I hope they hang in there.
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