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Bitti Tutto?

What's your experience? I just bought one from cotton babies for my DD She's almost 10lbs. There's a lot of inserts!
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Re: Bitti Tutto?

  • Really?  I can't find them on that site.  I really want to try one.  I have a SIO, and I really like it, but my 5 month old is in a large.  No idea about the tutto sizing tho.  I have only seen them at Kelly's Closet and the colors are slightly limited compared to what the company seems to make.
  • I don't know I went to the store and they were on clearance so instead of $27 I only paid $18 =]
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  • Hmm.  I guess I need to live near the store.  But so far I love our SIO.  It's brown and we let her wear it without anything else and call her cavebaby since it looks like she's in a loincloth...and we say, "it's captain caaaavebaby" like they do in the cartoon...
  • I have 2 of the and love them. Even with all the crazy layers DS still wears the proper clothes size.

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