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Paper thin cervix/ funneling/water bag bag bulging?

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 Paper thin cervix/ funneling/water bag bag bulging?i was wondering if anyone else has or had this? im turning weeks 28 weeks tomorrow twin pregnany (smaller baby due date was august 25th on ultrasound but she caught up to her sister who due date was august 21st on ultrasond but theyre going with august 25th) if anyone had this problem when did you go into labor? When did your water bag pop? I have to have a c section baby a is breech and baby b is transverse. I've have been having contractions which they are giving me medicine to stop it (magnesium)and other medicine for preterm labor (penicillin) water thru IV ect but I would really appreciate it if someone tell me they're story. I'm sad to be in labor this early been trying to find out more information about my situation anything would help. MFM says I won't be leaving this hospital pregnant and others in my situation typically last up to 3 weeks. Has anyone lasted longer? Long big sigh and yes I'm in the hospital I'm looking for answers I'm nerves. I got four steroid shots to help the babies lungs mature. If you did have your baby early how far along where you? Did you're baby survive? Did he or she have health problems? Does he or she still have health problems? Wha to expect with a preemie? What to expect with babies in level 3 NICU? Sorry I'm just really nervous and looking for any type of information that will help 

Re: Paper thin cervix/ funneling/water bag bag bulging?

  • I don't know about your other issues since I didn't deliver due to pre-term labor but I did have my twins at 28 weeks.  They both survived and are doing very well.  A few developmental and growth delays but very healthy boys who will be 2 in July. The first few weeks were pretty scary but overall they did pretty well in the NICU.  1) 28 weeks is a good milestone to reach in terms of survivability and risks for long term disabilities. 2) Getting steroid shots in advance is great in lung maturity and decreasing other risks for them after birth 3) you should ask to speak to a neonatologist who will give you the best information based on your situation. 4) check the preemie board.  There is a link to the preemie resource blog that has lots of good info and stories of actual babies born at different gestations.  Wishing you the best!
  • Btw sorry for the spelling errors typing to fast and did not re read tried fixing but it keeps taking me to a different screen I'm on a iPad and it changes my wording sometimes sorry 
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  • Thank you so much how long did your babies had to stay in NICU? 
  • General rule of thumb is they still until close to their EDD
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  • I'm sorry you're in this situation. Once bags were bulging, I only lasted 3 days before my water broke because they could not stop my contractions. Generally, they say that a baby will be discharged around their due date. My boys came home 2 and 3 weeks before, but they were later gestation than your LOs. Wishing you and our babies the best. I hope they stay in a few more weeks.

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  • My twins were born at 26w4d due to preeclampsia and HELLP. I only had 6 hours of mag and one steroid shot and both babies are healthy. Neither baby had any brain bleeds or severe lung issues. Both had a valve on their heart that took a while to close, but it did without surgery or drug intervention.

    My ds was released at 37w1d gestation and my dd I still in the hospital at 38w1d. She should be out around her due date.

    At 26w babies have an 85 chance of survival. At 28w I'm sure it's much higher. Can you tour NICU? Have you met with a neonatologist?

    Check out the preemie board, they're helpful.
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  • I had my quads at 25 weeks last year and they are all doing great now. They do have some developmental delays which is normal for being premature. They had many problems in the NICU that were all taken care of. The NICU is very scary and the first few weeks are very touch and go. Our babies were in the NICU for 121-137 days. The fact that you are already at 28 weeks and delivering at a level 3 NICU is amazing. The majority of 28 weekers go on to do very well. Thinking of you and hoping you make it as far as possible!
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    Thank you so much how long did your babies had to stay in NICU? 

    They came home 10 days before their due date after 70 days.

  • I'm going through it right now.  I delivered my boy/girl twins at 27w, 2d.  I had the same issues you are having and once I was readmitted at 27w for 3-4cm and a water bag bulging, they said I wasn't leaving the hospital until I delivered.  I was hoping to get to 30 weeks, but I ended up having Strep B and spontaneously went into labor.  It was my body's way of saying something is wrong and the babies needed out.  With increased dilation and effacement, you are more susceptible to infection.  Every last mother in my NICU right now (twins or no twins) that had an early birth, it was all due to cervical issues and most had some type of infection, mostly chorio.

    With all that said, my babies are thriving and doing great.  In the NICU, they say the phrase "one step forward, two steps back".  Every day is a new day.  And every day that you stay pregnant, helps your babies.  My babies are now 31w, 4d and my boy went from 2lbs to 3lbs, 4oz.  And my girl went from 1lb 14oz to 2lbs 10oz.  I also had the 4 steriod shots and brain bleeds so far.  Our little guy was anemic so he got a blood transfusion yesterday but from what I understand, that's all "normal early gestation" preemie stuff.  They are both on cpap machines and we can't wait until they move to nasal canula. A level 3 NICU will put you in good hands and at 28 weeks gestation, you're at a 90-95% chance of survival.

    Best of luck and keep those babies in as long as you can!

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  • Oh, and if you do end up with preemies, the best thing you can do for them is pump breastmilk.  I hope your hospital has a great LC and hospital grade pumps available, because it's not easy in the beginning, however it's proven that low birth weight and premature babies NEED breastmilk! 
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  • I'm only 2 cm dilated but I also have strep b but I have been on antibiotics since the first time I've got admitted they jus now stopping it today whichis my 3 rd time begin admitted 3 days each the other two times not until i get out the hospitl this time Im hoping to get to 30 weeks also but I'm not sure if I will make it im just slowly taking things one step at a time so glad to here your babies doing good please keep me updated thank. So much 
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