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Wash question

So I have been having recurring mold issues even though I wash every 1-2 days and make sure everything is completely dry afer washing.  I can't figure out what the deal is.  Every time i think I've rid them of the mold, it reappears a few weeks later.  I saw on the thirsties website that grape seed fruit extract will kill mold and mold spores.  So my question is can I just add that, or something else that kills mold, to every wash just to keep the mold away?  Is there any reason I would not want to do this?  
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Re: Wash question

  • A lot of manufacturers will say not to use essential oils. My guess is that with constant use you could risk some possible build up issues especially with MF.

    How do you store your diapers? Have you tried keeping your pail open a little bit or wetbag unzipped to allow for more air flow? 

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    Dirty diapers go in the diaper pail with liner, no lid.  Clean diapers are stored in dresser drawer.  What about vinegar, is that bad to use all the time?  I feel like I saw somewhere not to do that.  I feel like sunning would maybe help, but I'm in Oregon so I can only do that for part of they year.  
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  • I would do sunning.
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