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Sleeping positions??

Hi ladies!
I was wondering what position everyone finds themselves sleeping in? I'm almost 22 weeks and starting to have trouble sleeping. I'm usually a back sleeper and prop myself up on lots of pillows so I'm not completely flat. I have heard the left side is best so I have been trying to do that. My OB said I was fine to sleep however I was comfortable, but all I keep seeing is to sleep on the left side.
What do you guys do?
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Re: Sleeping positions??

  • I flip back and forth between my left and right sides all night wedged between my snoogle and other pillows.  I often wake up on my back and switch to my side when I wake up.  I've been pretty lucky as far as being comfortable while sleeping...I just hope it continues.  

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  • I switch between my right and left sides with my body pillow as long as my dog doesn't anoint me as the chosen one to sleep against.  When he does, I'm stuck how I am for at least half the night.


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  • I try to sleep on my side with a bazillions pillows, but always wake up on my back.  Your MW is right - if it's comfortable, it's OK.  I'm almost 30w with twins and on hospital bed rest and still on my back :)
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