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    I think both of you ladies are being very rude. I always speak to my doctor if I have any questions. What are forums for if we can't ask each other questions? I didn't think to ask my doctor at the time because this is my first pregnancy and I had just been flooded with a TON of new information. They told me I should get my results today so I'm just waiting to speak to them when they call me today.

    Wait wait, no one is being rude. We were posing a question too. Is that not allowed? You said yourself that this is a place for asking each other questions. That is what we were doing. Are some questions allowed and not others? Why are you allowed to ask questions, but we aren't?

    We didn't say that you were a bad person, stupid or anything else for not asking. We just wanted to know why you didn't ask. That's not a crime. I think you are being overly sensitive to our legitimate questions about your situation.  

    Its rude to ask questions and then get your panties in a twist when people try to get more information to help you out. Calm down.  

    Perhaps you need to re-read your post. Ganging up on another member is rude and the way you wrote your answer was 100% rude. Do people really have so little self awareness? and then to act like you were being totally kind?! 

    Here's a way to say what you did politely:

    "Hey - you should probably speak directly to your OB about that so you make sure you get the most informed answer". :) 

    Not hard is it? sheesh! 

    You cannot tell people how to respond on a public forum.

    Not hard to understand!
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