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anyone delt w/ meconium and CD

Last time I used sposies for the first couple months b/c of meconium and just being overwhelmed but now I'm so used to CD I figure I will use from the start with this baby and I have read that meconium doesn't stain like you would think. My previous routine with BF poo was not to prewash/rinse by Hand but just do a prewash cycle on my washer (after a long time doing by hand I discovered that the washer did just fine) but I'm concerned that the meconium will be a diffrent story. Just curious for personal expierences. Thanks.

Re: anyone delt w/ meconium and CD

  • Yes, we CD'd from the first day, and the mecomium didn't stain the diapers (Prefolds, Kissaluvs fitteds and Thirsties pockets) at all. It stuck to baby's bottom more than the diaper. We just did a cold wash (no detergent) followed by a hot wash (with detergent). We have since switched to just a cold rinse then wash, but at first we erred on the side of caution and did 2 full wash cycles. 
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  • We have unbleached prefolds but I didn't notice any staining from meconium. My whole first load of diapers was full of meconium. I was so happy when each one came out fine!
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    Thanks. That's really helpfull.
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