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After 2 month shots??

DS got his 2 month shots yesterday afternoon.  He napped most of the afternoon and actually went to bed early as he was tired and fussy.  Today he seems to still be tired.  Got up with him around 6:30am and he was back to sleep by 7am.  Slept till about 9:15am and back to sleep by 9:45am.  Anyone else's LO's seem more sleepy than usual the day following their shots?

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Re: After 2 month shots??

  • Our pedi does shots at 6 and 12 weeks, so we've been through two rounds already, and my LO has been super-tired both times...usually lasting into the next day.  I've heard a lot of babies get really fussy after their shots, so I am grateful that mine just wants to sleep!



  • It happens. Just make sure they stay hydrated/BF/eat and let them sleep it off.  Its normal. DD still has sleepier/fussier days after her shots and she is almost 20 months. 

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  • Yep. Same here. Mine was sleepy the next day as well. I thought it was the tylenol just having a lingering effect. 
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