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LO blood sugar

My LO was born with 0 blood sugar level. It was a uphill battle the whole time we were in the hospital to get it about a 2.5. The only way we were able to keep it that way was to feed her every two hours, even at night. My question is did anyone have this problem with their LO's and when did you start to stretch feedings? My LO is 3 weeks old now and I am one tired mom waking up every 2 hours, especially when she doesn't wake up by herself.


I plan to ask the doctor at her next ap, but that is still a month away.


Re: LO blood sugar

  • I am prety sure that if there was an issue with your LO's blood sugar, they wouldn't have let you leave the hospital.  My son was what they consider a "big baby" at 8 lbs. 13 oz.  I think their cutoff is 8lbs. 12 oz.   Anyway when a baby is born big they are concerned about blood sugar level and so they tested him a few times before I could go home to make sure it was in the normal range.  It was my understanding that if it was not, that he wouldn't get to leave. 

    Unfortunately feeding every 2 hrs. is pretty much the norm for the first little bit.  Nobody said you weren't going to be tired!!

  • When we had to do feedings every two hours round the clock dh and I did them in shifts. He went to bed at 9 pm and slept until 3 while I stayed up and took care of LO. Then he got up and we switched that way we both got 6 hours of sleep. We were pumping and bottle feeding as well as giving formula to get LO to start gaining weight at the time.

    Only the ped can answer the question about blood sugars and feedings, but hopefully you can use some of the ideas here for getting some sleep.

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