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Military CDC?

Just curious if there are any military family members here who use the CDC and cloth? Curious how they reacted when you asked to use cloth. I know we have to have a Dr. note to use cloth in the CDC just curious of experiences. TIA!
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Re: Military CDC?

  • I'm not military, but my family is. I know ours strictly does not use cloth. Most families try not to use it though. They usually opt to use outside centers like Kindercare over our CDC. This is due to the fact that the one in our area is terrible. My BFF sent her son there and numbered her diapers. Her son was still wearing the one he was sent in. They've tried changing it there, but it has yet to change.
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  • We were out of the AF before we had a baby but my friend works at the CDC and thinks cloth is gross and the other girls agree. They dont seem very open minded about it :( She's PG with her first so I was hoping to sway her to CD but I dont think its going to happen.


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  • I worked at one before LO was born. We had a baby in my class who CD'ed. Obviously I was cool with it; it even influenced my decision to CD myself!

    It didn't really change our diaper changing process much, because we are not allowed to re-use a cover. He had gDiapers and we just put the whole thing in a plastic bag and tied it off. He was required to provide his own closed container (they brought a diaper genie) and it was required to be emptied every day. If diapers were left overnight, the policy that his Mom signed stated that we could throw them away. She actually did forget once, but we didn't throw them away, lol. It was fine; she just got them in the morning. His Mom also taped a sign to the diaper genie that said in big letters, "CLOTH DIAPERS DO NOT THROW AWAY" so the janitors didn't accidentally throw them out.

    I didn't mind at all, and neither did the other two teachers in my room. We were a pretty awesome drama-free team though. I REALLY can't say the same for every room, lol. I'm sure it varies by CDC as well too.

    This is not really what you were asking, but after working at a CDC, I will not send my child to one. I have no idea how it compares to other centers that are not military-based, but I just know that it is not the environment I want for my infant. Four babies to one caregiver (even a wonderful caregiver, which most of them were) is too many, and especially the babies under 6 months cried a lot. It obviously varies by baby, and some do better than others, but it is just not a great environment for little babies.

    When I was looking for a full time job, I decided I was going to go with a home day care where my LO would be the only infant and able to be held a lot more while the bigger kids were playing. I ended up finding a part-time job so DH is able to watch LO in the evenings while I'm at work, so it turned into a non-issue, but just thought I would give you my "insider" two cents. HTH!

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