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people not rsvping

My mom, and 2 of my best friends are throwing me a baby shower. My mom asked me if I knew about some of the invited guests, because they never rsvpd. Should I call/text/email and ask them if they are planning on attending...or just count them in for the food and hope they come? 
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Re: people not rsvping

  • Did she have an email listed for people to RSVP? When my aunt threw my bridal shower she had people RSVP to her email address, and then a week or so before the shower she emailed me a list of people who had not RSVP'd yet and asked me to contact them. Well, they *had* RSVP'd, but the messages were sent to her spam folder. I was so embarrassed to have called these people only to find out they had in fact tried to contact my aunt. I'd have your hostesses check their spam folders first before you contact them.

     If they had only a phone number to call, I would call/text/email them and ask if they're planning to attend. Just a quick "hey, we're trying to get the final count for the shower, are you planning to attend?" is sufficient. If they don't get back to you I would assume they are not coming, and not count them in for food. 



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  • Your hostesses should be the ones to follow up. Just provide any contact info they might need.
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    If it's just a few people, I would just factor them into the head count.  If it's enough that it would put a burden on the host to account for them coming if they aren't, I would provide the contact information to the host and have them handle "checking in" to see if they're coming.
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  • I don't know if this is helpful or not, but when my mom did a shower they sent out paper invites and a week or so later sent out an evite to everyone's email. My mom said just about everyone responded to the evite.

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  • I had a handful of friends that did not RSVP to our shower and because my step mom did not know them she asked me to get with them. I did and it was not a big deal, even though I felt maybe it was not my place since I was not throwing a party. However she did a lot for us so I just sucked it up and sent them all a text message about it.


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