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Just found out sister in law....

Is pregnant too! We are the same age and this is both our first, bummed I couldn't be the pregnant one all by myself lol but hey my baby will have someone to grow up with lol

Re: Just found out sister in law....

  • We are not close, I've known her since we were 14. She has done some really evil things to me in the past (within the past 5 years) and I have just now been able to let go and somewhat forgive her and my husbands entire family for that matter. We are all cordial now but I don't trust them. Like I said this is my first so it would've been great to just be pregnant alone lol but great that my baby has someone in the future to play with. :)

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    It's awesome having someone close being pregnant at the same time. You can relate and share stories. It's great thy your kids will grow up together, but you will always be comparing them to each other. Don't get upset if her baby walks first, or talks first ect. It can get competitive. 
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  • I will not compete with anyone and will not play the comparison game. I just want to love my baby. Will my in laws in fact compare most def but my husband and I will not.
  • Ugh. Get over it.

    With my second child my SIL and I were due at the same time and had our babies 1 day apart.  They are not compared, we were not compared, we just enjoy having sons that are buddies and can hopefully be friends through life.  We wish we lived closer to them because we only get to see them a few times per year.

    With this pregnancy I am due 3 months after a different SIL (her first).  Thankfully she is less worried about being the center of attention and more excited about her baby having a family play buddy for holidays and such.

    This whole idea of "thunder stealing" is all in your head, girl.  Nobody cares about your pregnancy as much as you - whether you are the only pregnant girl in the world or one of millions (which happens to be the case).

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  • Please shut up clearly you didn't read everything. Some of you wives come on here to nit-pick like little children. I said it would've been great to be the only one pregnant but great that my baby has someone. No one is butt hurt about it lol. I knew someone was going to be negative gee wiz. Smh
  • And for the record it was not attention that bothered me it was the things I will have to deal with, with my husbands family. I don't care about the attention. 
  • Hi Diamondf31!

      First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! I don't think anyone can tell you that enough! I completely understand how you would feel especially if there have been tensions between them. I would be like 'Damn! This was my time to shine!' lol

    Ignore any negative comments, you are here to share things on your mind so don't make any apologies or excuses for how you feel or what you post!

     I hope you and your husband have a happy and healthy nine months! I am so excited at the moment, how are you. Is this your first too?

  • Thank you!!! It is my first. I have seen so many rude future moms in all the forums I venture in the bump and its ridiculous. They can't blame it on hormones, it's just down right being rude because they are behind a computer screen. It's sad. A lot of women act like they never been pregnant for the first time. I have no issues with being pregnant at the same time as my in law. I just have issues with what it is going to bring. I don't need the extra drama. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it!
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