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I just made my first appointment.  This is our second pregnancy, but our first failed in miscarriage 5  1/2 years ago.  We are almost 5 weeks.  Has anyone here used Women Ob/Gyn?  I chose them because they birth at AAMC (my preference ) and they are all women, also my preference.   I found mixed reviews for all the Annapolis area Ob offices.  Hoping I made the right  choice.  Too much Internet research is overwhelming!

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  • Congrats on your pregnancy! I don't know anything about Women OB/GYN - I go to Chesapeake Womens Care in Annapolis - they delievered both my boys. They have one male doctor and I was always one that saw females, but he ended up delivering my first and I couldn't have been happier! Just in case you want another option in the future Smile
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  • I looked them up too.  Just something with me and anyone other then my DH being up in my business.  
  • I wanted to go to that practice but they did not take our insurance. I was with Annapolis ob for a while and did NOT like it there at all. I ended up switching to special beginnings midwifery and LOVE the ladies there. I still plan to have this LO at AAMC. DH and I are both more comfortable in the hospital just in case there are complications, but I love the care of the midwives.
    I guess This doesn't really answer your question, but I can say if you end up wanting to switch I do not recommend Annapolis ob.
  • Thanks Stephw32!  
  • Hi, I'm pregnant for the first time. I'm leaning toward Special Beginnings. I want to have the baby at AAMC too. Everyone says that midwives are a lot more personable than ob/gyn.
  • I went to Woman ob /gyn and left for personal reasons and  now go to  Chesapeake womans care.


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  • I have heard both positive and negative reviews about all the big Annapolis OBGYN practices. I had never had a male Gyn prior to joining Annap OB when we moved to the area three years ago. Once I was pregnant and going to the office a ton it really stopped mattering to me if the practitioners were male or female. We had a very positive experience there throughout the first pregnancy from the staff I dealt with on the phone, the ladies at front desks, all of the nurses, PAs and docs. Our delivery experience at AAMC was great too. Recently we went through a miscarriage and as awful as the experience was the practice was once again fantastic.

    I guess that I am trying to say, go where you feel comfortable and judge for yourself. If you're not happy then switch to another practice. I always feel lucky to live in an area with great medical resources all around.
  • I used them for a cyst surgery and loved my doc, Dr. Bougas. I use special beginnings for all my births, but I'll use them again for any special care I need in the future.
  • I used Women's Healthcare Associates. There is one OB and a nurse practitioner, both females and I loved them! Just another option. Congrats!
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