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Large item purchased that we already bought!

Our shower is this weekend and I have been failing miserably at not-checking the status of our registries!  I put the travel system that we want on my registry fully intending to just have it on there so that we could get a discount on it after the shower.  Two days ago I checked the registry and it hadn't been purchased so my husband ordered one on e-bay that was a good deal.  Well today I checked my registry and someone had purchased it!  I talked to my sister and she told me that my mother bought it for us.  I am super grateful and amazed that she would get us such a nice present and I don't want to make it seem like I am ungrateful - should I just not tell her that we already have it at the shower and return it afterwards?
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Re: Large item purchased that we already bought!

  • Yes, just return it after the fact. No harm done.


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  • Yeah I would and she will never know that the one you are using isn't the one she bought you. Just return it after shower.
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    Yes, just return it after the fact. No harm done.

    Yep. She'll never know and doesn't need to.
  • Just return it, and don't tell her. She doesn't need to know that the one you're using is not the one purchased.

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    Yes, just return it after the fact. No harm done.

    This. She'll never know the difference. 

  • I wouldn't tell her and just return it. This happened at my shower with a piece of nursery furniture. We weren't going to put it together at the shower so no harm done.

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  • Something similar happened with my wedding shower; some friends of ours bought us a kitchen-aid mixer from our registry, and my mom also bought us one off of Amazon. We were so floored that we had two parties who would be so generous to us!! It's the exact same mixer, so we just returned the one from our registry since it was the easier one to return and used the credit + completion coupon to buy most of the rest of the unpurchased items! :)
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    Return after the fact. She will never know :
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