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Anyone else pregnant?

I have a 10 mo DD and just found out I'm pregnant with #2. Definitely something we discussed and were hoping for but now that I saw the positive test, I'm starting to get nervous about being able to care for two babies under 2. Just wondering how other moms (especially SAHMs) handle it. 
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Re: Anyone else pregnant?

  • I'm not but congrats!! You will be fine I'm sure!!
  • I found out I was pg when A was 4 months. He is now 9.5 months. I am nervous about handling it, but check out the 2u2 board. They are actually really helpful with their experiences.

    BTW, congrats on your news! 

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  • HHey I have a 10 mo old dd and just found out I'm prg with twins. I'm nervouse about the new babies as well as dd. but I know it will all work out.  


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    We started trying when LO was 8 months and then he started walking the day he turned 11 months. I got pregnant right away but unfortunately had a m/c right when LO turned 11 months. Now I am so busy running around after LO! I think I get a full work out just with him not staying put (the house is easy in comparison but it's everywhere else we go that keeps me so busy!). With him walking, I can tell that as long as we have everything babyproofed and him having a few months to practice his walking, we would have been okay having another LO. I think you'll be fine. Once your DD starts walking, she'll also become more independent and you still have time for her to gain that independence before your next one comes along.


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  • We're foster parents, but we had two under two until the end of last month.  It's crazy busy but definitely doable.


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    image jessalynn521:

    I found out I was pg when A was 4 months. He is now 9.5 months. I am nervous about handling it, but check out the 2u2 board. They are actually really helpful with their experiences.

    BTW, congrats on your news! 


    Thanks! I never noticed that board, but am so glad its there. 

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  • I have an 11 month old, and just found out we were pregnant last week. I have definitely had my moments of complete anxiousness and so scared of how I will be able to handle two. You're definitely not alone in that! :)
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  • We've been trying for a month now. Hoping to be in your situation soon. Congratulations!

    DS Sept 12 - ready for another - TTC #2 - May 2013 :)
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  • I'm pregnant now and my daughter is 10 months. I am also a SAHM. They will be 16 months apart, so at least by then my daughter will be walking and hopefully potty training. The two under 2 boards are also helpful.
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  • I am 25 days from having our 3rd kiddo.  When this DS arrives I'll have a 3 1/2 year old DD and my DS will be a day shy of 16 months.  I am a SAHM and some days it's pretty tough now that I'm near the end of pregnancy.  I think having the 3 will be fine.  They will all be really close in age and so hopefully that will translate into playmates for each other to some degree :-)


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  • I am too, but we have an 8 month almost 9 month old. We didn't think I would get pregnant since I only had one cycle before I found out I was pregnant again. I am really worried about it. We are contemplating moving closer to family so they can help out (we live 14 hours away from all family).
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  • I also have a 10 month old and just found out we're pregnant with number 2.  A little scary, but so exciting!  I am also a SAHM-you are not alone!!
  • We were trying, but decided to wait until the fall.

    Congrats to those who are expecting, and good luck to those who are trying!

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