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Sick like a dog!

I have the stomach flu and I'm terrified of passing it along to my baby. I pump my milk to not have contact with him, and my DH gives the bottle. I also slept on the couch.

Was anyone really sick and not pass it along to their LO? What do you eat when you have the stomach flu?

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Re: Sick like a dog!

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    I had the stomach flu when I was around 33 weeks. I went to the hospital for IV fluids and once I got home, I just started eating very light... Dry toast, lots of water, Popsicles, plain applesauce. Within 24 hours I was able to start eating a little more and within 48 hours, I was fine. Hope you feel better soon!

    EDIT I also had plain chicken noodle soup, but only ate the broth and noodles.
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  • If it's any consolation, my pediatrician told us when I got the cold that the best thing for her was to keep giving her breast milk. As my body fights it, the immunity goes into her body too. So kudos for finding the energy to pump while that sick!

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