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So excited!

I moved the twins to their own room today and they went down for their naps no problem at all and then went down for bed with out even making a peep. We did our regular routine and laid them down in there and closed the door and they just laid down and went right to sleep! I was so worried they would have a cow and they didn't! hopping the transition into toddler beds will go this easy.... yeah right. 

We are planning on keeping their toys out of their room until they are used to sleeping in the toddler beds. They are starting to climb out of the PnP, and have been climbing out of their cribs for months. So the move is going to have to be soon... and I want them learn to sleep in them and not get back up when I put them down in a room where there is nothing to get into and then once they are used to the routine moving their toys to their room. What do you think? Am I over thinking this? 

We have a new baby coming and as the twins get older they get rougher with each other and their toys get smaller and I want to make sure the baby and them have safe place to play apart and together. Where as before they pretty much ran the house but with a new born they are going to have to be a little more confined.  

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