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Frustrated mama...

Don't get me wrong our daycare people are great but sometimes they are a bit frustrating. Our LO is 10 months and has been eating great up until recently. He loves everything! Except now whenever we feed him what we are eating he makes faces and sometimes seems to be gagging or just spits it out. Some of these things are they same things he eats for lunch at daycare and his take home sheet says he ate great and ate all of his tray! Anyone else have this issue?

Also when they say they gave him a sandwich are we talking half a piece of bread with some cheese on it or lunch meat or what? How small of pieces would that have to be for him to finger food a sandwich?

Re: Frustrated mama...

  • My baby eats solids better for our nanny too, and I don't know why either. Some nanny magic or something.
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  • I'm not understanding what part of that is day care's fault? DS has always eaten better at day care. They're magic, I guess, but as long as he's eating I don't care how they do it.
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  • I would just ask. I know that I can give my lo a whole piece of bread and she knows how to eat it without choking. My friends baby who is the same age would rather smash or throw the food and won't actually eat solids...or she will just choke on what does make it to the mouth. I think it all depends on the baby. So definitely inquire! 

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