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Craigslist registry?

My in-laws have generously offered to host a baby shower for us, and my MIL has specifically said she'd like to help with the big ticket items, crib, dresser, etc. I know we can get quality pieces on Craigslist for half of what she would pay in a store, but I'm not sure how to communicate this to her without it seeming like an ask for money. Has anyone recommended to their guests that Craigslist items are welcome, as long of course as they are in safe working condition?

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Re: Craigslist registry?

  • Since your MIL offered to buy big stuff, you might as well tell her when you talk to her that you don't want new stuff. But as for all of your shower guests, no. Don't try a Craigslist registry, and don't tell people what to buy. No one wants to show up at a shower giving something that doesn't look brand new.
  • Eh, I just wouldn't. 
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  • I love Craigslist. I found my Bumbo there, my secondary stroller, toys and I use it to find garage sales to get clothes, but I wouldn't want to buy my crib or carseat or highchair off of there. You don't know who's used it or if it's ever been damaged and if you're going to get a lot of use out of something wouldn't you rather spend a little more to get something that will actually last as long as you need it to? Get your crib and carseat for sure new and I guess use your best judgement on everything else. My rule of thumb is that if I can't clean it in bleach or vinegar, wipe it down with Clorox wipes, or throw the fabric in the wash then I don't buy it used.

    Definitely don't tell your shower guests to get you stuff off of there. Lots of people are uncomfortable with the idea of Craigslist.
  • some things would be fine from Craigslist and some things wouldn't. 

    It is recommended (for the safety of your baby) that you purchase the crib, mattress and car seat(s) new.

    I would also be careful about what items you are purchasing used. Has the item been recalled? Can you clean the item? Was the home smoke free or pet free? Is the item in good working condition?

    If you really would prefer certain items (used or not) I would talk with MIL personally and just tell her.


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  • I'd recommend buying second hand from consignment shops for my guests rather than CL. I love me some CL, but it can be sketch and I' can't imagine some of the older generation being down with that. A consignment shop or Goodwill is a much safer shopping environment.

    I agree with PP that the crib, mattress, and car seat should be purchased new.  I would spread this info via word of mouth when people call you MIL to RSVP, she can tell them that you are very, very open to gently used, second hand gifts. I thin it is too complicated to try to explain that on an invite.

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  • I would NEVER bring a used gift to a baby shower... Just no...
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    I would NEVER bring a used gift to a baby shower... Just no...


    Also, I don't feel comfortable meeting up with strangers from the Internet to make a business transaction. 


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  • KatFCoKatFCo
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    I would NEVER bring a used gift to a baby shower... Just no...

    Eh. I have a good friend who really tries to avoid waste, so she didn't want anything brand new if she could avoid it. When I threw her a shower and people asked me where she was registered when the RSVP-ed, I just told them she wasn't registered, and appreciated gently used items. She mostly needed clothes anyway, and it wasn't a big deal.

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  • HBirdieHBirdie
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    It seems strange that your MIL is offering to help buy you new stuff but you still want to search CL? I'm certainly not opposed to buying things secondhand, and DH and I will do so for a lot of the things we don't receive at our shower. But if they're the ones offering, why not accept graciously? Besides, there are some things you should definitely buy new, most importantly a carseat and crib. If I were you, I'd just wait and see what things you don't get and then start your secondhand search. Another idea, although this may not go over well with your family, is to return the new things they purchase and use the money to pay for stuff secondhand? I think this probably isn't the best option, since it's likely your MIL will be offended by it, but since you seem to be very insistent on buying secondhand... I don't know. I'm cringing at this suggestion even as I type it out.
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