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Anyone know anything about Eglin AFB? The good, bad and the ugly?  My husband is a reserve recruiter and  is an open position there.  We are a family of 3, about to be 4 and have a small dog. Any info on schools and housing would be great!
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  • I can't remember if my brother or SIL was actually stationed at Eglin (dual military - one was there, and the other was somewhere else), but they lived in Niceville with their two young daughters for awhile. I can't comment on schools or anything like that, but I know they enjoyed all of the outdoorsy activities down there (fishing, swimming, etc.).

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  • Thanks! We don't have any sources that know much about it other than there's lots to do outside, which we would all love! 
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  • ehnastoehnasto member
    Eglin is a pretty cool place. I have a friend stationed there and I have to go there regularly for my job. You do have to be careful of the Destin area as it is a very popular vacation and spring break spot. My friend who lives there says he just avoids it during the spring break season. He does enjoy living there. There is a lot to do there. Sorry I don't have any information about the school systems.
  • reb84reb84 member

    We'll be moving to Eglin early next year.  We are currently looking for housing in Niceville and have heard that the schools are pretty good in that area (we have a 1 year old so school isn't top priority right now as we're going to rent).  We'll be moving from the St. Louis area am and very excited about FL! 

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  • DH was at Eglin before we were married.  He lived in Niceville and coached at the high school there.  It seemed like a good place for families and a good school district.  I would definitely avoid living in Destin, and be prepared for the whole area to be crowded for the spring break and summer seasons.  It's super hot/humid during the summer and can get rainy + hurricanes.  But overall, I think I would be excited to go back there.
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  • Niceville schools are pretty good.  For younger kids, Liza Jackson is really good...they are private, but free.  There are other good ones too, that's just what comes to mind.

    For living, Destin is the beach/tourist town...lots of condos on the water, and lots of traffic during the warm months.  But it's beautiful.  Shalimar/Fort Walton Beach are just west of Eglin, and have a mix of nicer and not as nice houses, amenities, and good proximity to base/beach.  Just east of base is Valparaiso/Niceville.  If you are looking in Niceville, Bluewater Bay is a nice area.  You'll get plenty of amenities on the Niceville side as well, but not as much as on the west side of base, and you'll have to go over a toll brigde to get to the beach/mall/etc.  Crestview is to the north, and will give you a longer commute to Eglin and to the beach, but you will get a LOT more bang for your buck on housing.  But there is not much to do there. 

    Some people live in Navarre too (more beach), which is nice, but the commute is horrible.  I don't recommend it unless you are working at Hurlburt rather than Eglin.

  • My husband is at Hurlbert. The area around base is really bad and has a high crime rate. Most people at Eglin live in Crestview and Niceville. Those cities aren't by the beach but the commute to base would be easy.
  • If you want close to the beach AND close to Eglin, I recommend Shalimar. It is 10 minutes to the beach and 5 minutes to the base.
  • J&NLJ&NL member
    Eglin is a huge base located in a wonderful area. You are literally on the coast of the gulf of mexico and have plenty of things to do. It's right next to Destin (great shopping and beaches) and Pensacola (wonderful beaches and night life). I'm from Pensacola so I know quite a bit about the area. The only downside is the traffic on 87 when everyone leaves for work but if you live in Crestview (north of Eglin) then you shouldn't have that bad of traffic but it's about 30 minutes from the beach. 
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