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DS has a bad scratch from my grandmothers long fingernail. It basically took the top layer of skin off and has become red and icky looking. Is it okay to put neosporin on an infant?

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  • Honestly, if you are nursing, I would just wash it off with warm water and baby soap and put breast milk on it.
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    Honestly, if you are nursing, I would just wash it off with warm water and baby soap and put breast milk on it.

    Yep to the breastmilk!  You can use Neosporin (as in it won't hurt baby.) Just don't tell my pedi who would yell about overuse of antibiotic ointments and creating allergies to it. Wink  I made the mistake of asking if I should put Neosporin on a gash he got AT the doctor's office one time and got a lecture.  Apparently, soap and water work just fine. 



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  • I second the breastmilk, but I remember my pedi recommending polysporin instead of neosporin for my first. There was something in neosporin that he didn't like, but I don't remember what it was, we've just gone with polysporin since then.
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  • I totally used bacitracin (generic neosporin) ointment on LO the other day and didn't even think twice about it. Bad mom?

    Regardless, I like the BM suggestion! 

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    I accidentally clipped some skin off of DS's fingertip while nail trimming...and felt like a horrible mom...I immediately dipped a Kleenex in breast milk and I swear the wound healed before my eyes and DS stopped crying right away! Miracle cure!
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