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daycare in loudoun county

Hi all, I'm curious what everyone's plans are for child care when the time comes? Have you gotten any recommendations from anyone? TIA!

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  • I will be a first-time mom, so I am not an expert here... but, after research and looking at my future, going-back-to-work in Nov. commute route, I put a "hold my place" deposit down with Leesburg Open Arms. The tour I took in May was impressive--great ratio of adults to babies, and it was very clean, friendly, and secure. As a teacher with 19 years of experience, I can usually spot when a caregiver seems phony, and I didn't feel or see anything negative from the director or workers I met there. It's $310 a week for babies, but the price will go down as the child gets older.

  • I heard good things about Winwood in Leesburg, but I haven't toured it yet. Their rate is $369/week for babies up to 12 months.
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    I am considering Winwood in South Riding
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