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Hearing test question

My LO was born Tuseday. When were left the hospital on Thursday the nurse informed us she did not pass the hearing test but not to worry because it is very common that newborns don't pass on the first test and usually pass on the second test a week later. Of course it is way easier said then done not to worry. I am just wondering if any other LOs didn't pass the first time?
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Re: Hearing test question

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    KLJ3KLJ3 member
    My LO's right ear didn't pass, but his left one did. We were instructed to come back after his two week checkup, so that's what we did this past Thursday.

    I was worried, but his right ear passed! Good luck.

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    jynxxyjynxxy member
    Im lurking from June, but I'm an audiologist and as pp's said, it's nothing to worry about. It's very common not to pass the initial screening due to the fluids etc blocking the ear canals.
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    DS failed his hearing test at the hospital (left side) and at the home visit a few days later. We scheduled an audiology appt to get him tested again at 1 month.

    Like others said, everyone has been telling me it's normal because of fluid. A friend of mine had the same thing with her son and he passed the 2nd time.

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    DS passed on the left side but failed on the right side. Nurse told us the same thing. Apparently c section babies sometimes have extra fluid in their ears. DS passed the next day.
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    My LO's right ear passed but not his left. He was a csection and the dr said he probably still had fluid in his ear that wasn't expelled in the birth canal. Mahes sense since he never went thru there.

    When we went back for the retest he passed within a minute. Don't stress mama, everything will be fine.
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    They wete tested in day 2 and Julia failed.  She passed on

    day 4 wgen they rechecked. Said it was most likely fluid

    abd that it was common in c-section babies

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    LO failed the first time but passed the second. Likely fluid especially since he was a csection. Good luck!

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    My LO didn't pass. At 2 weeks he went to an audiologist and passed with no problems. They told me it was common and not to worry. 


    Eta: he was also a CS baby 

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    M passed in her right ear and didn't in her left ear.  We still haven't gotten her second one done yet though.  We're going next week.
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    MrsRKJMrsRKJ member
    My LO's left ear passed, the right ear did not.  They retested it last Wednesday and it passed.  They said that a lot of times they have debris in the ear canal and that can affect it the first time around.  GL!
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    My LO passed but I work with kids who are deaf. It makes me so happy to see all these mamas getting retestedand passing!

    Please do go get rechecked if your LO doesn't pass the first time though! A little girl in my class this year failed at birth and her parents heard that it was probably fluid so never followed up. She was indeed profoundly deaf and wasn't identified until she was a year old.


    I also work with kids with hearing loss. If you're ever questioning your child's hearing ability whether they passed or not get them checked again. I'm glad to see so many mamas going for rechecks. Woohoo!
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    DS1 didn't pass at the hospital. They tried twice and he failed both times. Then we had it done outpatient and he passed with flying colors. The lady at the hearing test place was telling me that babies who are born a little early usually have more fluid in their ears that has to clear... Also she said if you don't push for long and they come out quick the fluid takes longer to clear out of their ears since pushing helps with that. Not sure how accurate that info is but that's what she said !

    This is exactly what happened to us! I'm sure your LO is going to be fine!
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    DD1 failed her hearing test, she passed the second one.  She's 2.5 and her hearing is perfect.  Try not to worry.

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