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Think of as a middle. Or possibly a first. 

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  • I like just Marlene
  • Not Marlene. But thanks :)
  • I like it too.
  • I like it. Have you seen the movie "Water for Elephants"? It's one of my favorites and Marlena is the name of Reese Witherspoon's character. Very pretty.

    eta: And I like it as a FN.

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  • I love Marlena!  I taught a girl named Marlaina who went by Lainie.  While I didn't care for that spelling, I liked the nickname (and I'm usually not a fan of nicknames!)  I think it is a pretty, normal name that works great as a first name!
  • I like it a lot! And I think it would be great as a first name.
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  • I love Marlena. It's pretty and under used. I prefer it pronounced Mar-Lay-Nah.


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  • It's a really pretty name.

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  • This is my cousin's name.  I love it.  She is Marlena Ruth.


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  • LOVE!  But DH vetoed it.  I would pronounce Mar-lay-nah.
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  • As I was looking through names I came across Marlena. It's a german combination of Mary and Magdalena. Which I think is perfect for us because my husbands mother is Mary and my mother is Magdalena. I always thought it was Mar-lay-na. I'm not an expert on baby name pronunciation that's just how I have heard it before :)
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    I do like it! But all I think when i hear it is Days of Our Lives!! If I didn't have that association then I'd love it :
  • I'm not sure how to pronounce it... Mar-lynn-uh? Mar-leen-uh?

    I used to know a Marlayna. It's an unusual name but it fit her very well.  

  • Oh just saw your reply about pronouncing Marlena as Marlayna and why you like the name. I think Marlena definitely looks more sophisticated than the Marlayna spelling, but to me I just ready it as Mar-lynn-a or Mar-lean-a. Lena/Lina on it's own is pronounced Lean-a.... and I guess I have only known a Marlayna do it didn't occur to me that they would be pronounced the same.

    Either way I think Marlena is lovely however you pronounce it. Just be ready to correct it all the time! No big deal though 

  • I think Days of our Lives, but I love it!
  • image Shellyjj:
    I think Days of our Lives, but I love it!
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  • I don't mind correcting pronunciation although I think most people will get it. The name has been around for a while. My parents named me Raechel. Which throws people for a huge loop I've gotten everything from Ra-Shell to Reach-el. I don't hold it against them though :) They meant well. Dad wanted Rae and my mom wanted Rachel.... My mom still cringes when she hears people confused about my name. Doesn't bother me though.
  • I like not a common name. Ive been thinking on using Milena myself
  • Love this name!  It sounds sophisticated to me.  I also think of the Wallflowers song but it's a good association.  I like the PP's suggestion of the nickname Lainey but find the potential for the nickname Marley to be a bummer.

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