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So I know I have posted a few times as I have a son who is almost 19 who we adopted nearly 4 years ago. We have been going through fertility with no such luck and have been going back and forth about foster vs. straight adoption. I do not think I could do foster because I get attached easily and it would be hard when they left.  If we just adopt through local agencies  in our home town most of those kids are older. So right now we are looking into doing domestic infant adoption. We would be open to twins if the case ever arose. My question is when you do domestic infant adoption do all your cost have to pay up front. Also where is the best place to start with looking in to such?

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  • Options is a good place to find agencies, attorneys and facilitators who work in or with your state.  We started by researching a few large agencies out of state, our local children's services office (they only do foster to adopt here, so not an option for us) and a few local agencies.  Many agencies have free information sessions, which I definitely recommend attending.  We chose a local agency because we liked the idea of being close to the office.  Now that we feel more comfortable with the process we're thinking of joining another agency to extend our search options.

    On when the fees are due, it depends on he agency you go with.  With the agency we're working with we paid for half of our training ($750) when we turned in our application.  Then we attended our training and had our home study.  Once our home study was approved we paid the second half of our training, home study fee and search fee ($2,250).  Once we're matched and placement happens we'll owe another $10,000.  There will be some additional fees, but this is our agency's fee structure.

     Hope this helps and good luck!


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