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Question re: preschool/daycare ratios

My son is in the two year old room. The ratio is 1:6. There are two teachers in the room as there are 8-14 students on a given day. Here's my question. When one of the teachers leaves the room, is a "floater" supposed to come in to cover? Or is there allotted time for her absence. Odd question, I know. I ask because I've come in when a teacher has stepped out to make lunches or call a parent, and it's been a little hectic in the room. Another parent asked me about it yesterday as she got there before me for pick-up, saw one teacher in the room and one warming lunches down the hall, and the kids not as organized. My concern is if someone gets hurt, needs help with the potty, etc. Thanks!!!

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  • The floater is supposed to be there.

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  • At our school, floaters always come in - whether it's for a bathroom break or to step out to pick up laundary, or to take a lunch break.
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    The daycare I used always had the number of teachers needed to meet ratio.  The classes had phones in them or they had walkie talkie type things so they could call the office if needed and someone else would come to the room to cover or take care of whatever needed to be done and when outside, they always had extra staff on hand in case anyone had to use the bathroom (so a teacher could go in while still staying covered outside)
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  • Your daycare might be relying on the state mandated ratio to cover for times when only 2 teachers are in the room. The state ratio might be 1:7 allowing for them to be at 2:14 while their floater runs an errand. If they aren't following state code at all times, they are at risk for being fine/losing their license.

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