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My husband and I will be moving to Fort Campbell here in a few weeks and I'm 12 weeks along. I've only had my one appointment so far at Fort Benning and did not feel comfortable at all with the doctor assigned to me. I'm interested if anyone has had their baby at Fort Campbell or not and how everything went for them, or if they felt like they were getting proper care. My wish would to go off post, but how do you know if you're allowed to do that or not? Not sure if it mattes, but we have Tricare Prime. Thanks!

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  • We're at Campbell and I had DS2 in the civilian hospital with a civilian doctor but I chose to switch to Standard.  Blanchfield (BACH) has not been referring prenatal care off post for awhile now unless it is a high risk case that they cannot handle (but I have a friend who is pretty high risk and they still kept her).  


    I have friends who have delivered at BACH and had great experiences and others who had no so great experiences.  If you are not high risk, you will have your appointments with a midwife and will likely be asked to participate in their group care (you meet monthly with the same midwife but meet with a group of other expectant moms where they give everyone the info and you have a chance to ask questions....not sure how the individual measurements and such are done at this eappointments because all of my friends have refused to take part in that type of care).  If you are high risk, you will see a doctor throughout the pregnancy.  


    If you're interested in switching to Standard you can be seen off postand deliver at Gateway Hospital.  I paid $17 a day for the hospital stay on Standard and that was it for the entire pregnancy and delivery (repeat C-section).  I loved my doctor and fel like the care I got was very personalized and amazing.  Any other non-maternity related appointments will cost you 15 or 20% (I can't remember which) on Standard.  

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  • We moved to Campbell when I was 32 weeks pregnant and after extensive research, I decided to go to a civilian doctor and deliver at Gateway Hospital in Clarksville.  From my understanding, when you deliver at BACH, it's very impersonal.  They deliver a ton of babies, so they deliver and move you out quickly. Along with the group appointments and other practices, I wasn't interested in just being another number.  I am on Standard and I LOVED my experience with Dr. Jeffrey Anderson and Gateway.  He was very knowledgeable and answered my questions thoroughly.  He treated me like I had been his patient since day 1, even though he took me on at 32 weeks.  I never paid a copay and ended up paying $30 of an $11,000+ bill.  As far as I understand, if you are on Prime, they won't let you go off post.  We put my son on standard bc I wanted to choose his doctor.  With Prime, he would've been pulled on post with half as good of care as he gets off post.  Good luck!!!
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  • My kids are on Prime but because when we moved here 3 years ago the clinics on post were full, they referred my oldest off post to the doctor of our choice.  When DS2 was born, we petitioned for him to be given an off post pediatrician as well so that they wouldn't have different doctors and it was approved but they are no longer referring children to off post docs unless there is a petition granted.  I LOVE our pediatrician's office and would have switched to Standard had they not approved our petition.  If you deliver at Gateway, your baby will have to see a pediatrician while you're in the hospital and likely you will have an appointment with that doc one or two days after discharge.  You can petition on grounds of continuity of care at that point but I don't know what the odds are that they would approve it.  Just an option!  We love Rainbow Kids Clinic.  Very short waits, never had a problem getting a same day appointment (usually they get us in within 1-2 hours) and our practitioner is AMAZING with out kids and knows them well/remembers them/plays with them and puts them at ease.  
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