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Tdap arm pain

For the ladies who have gotten the Tdap vaccine: did you have bad arm pain? I got mine yesterday and I can barely lift my left arm it is so sore! Does anyone know what can help besides Tylenol? Thank you!

Re: Tdap arm pain

  • It took three days for my arm to feel better. My doc said Tylenol, but I just dealt with it. Warm baths helped ease the discomfort.
  • Mine was a little sore for one day but not as bad as like the flu shot.. Hope your only last a day too ! Take some Tylenol
  • YES!  It was the worst!  I wish I had a miracle cure for you, but nothing really helped me.  It helped a bit to rub the injection spot and then Tylenol.  Good news.. it subsides in about 2 days.  Feel better!
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  • Yes it was sore for a few days the first time I got it. I got it again at 32 weeks and this time I vigorously shook my arm right after and moved my arm a lot because it helps lessen the soreness a bit. But it's totally normal!
  • Yeah, it's the tetnus in the Tdap that causes that pain. I didn't take anything. I just dealt with it. It goes away after about two days!

  • image Steamboat1679:
    I find the more you move your arm the less it hurts. Try stretching.
    This. Try to use it as much as possible. 
  • Thank you everyone! Ill try swinging it around some more and getting the blood going. I couldn't even sleep on that side last night and it kept me awake. But now that I'm up and active, it's not as noticeable.
  • The nurse who administered my shot told me it was best to keep my arm moving and active to help decrease the soreness. It was uncomfortable the first day, but after that it was just tender. I forced myself to move it a lot and I really think it helped.
  • Yep, mine was sore for about 3 days. So was DH's.
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  • image SouthSideDrea:
    You can't just wait until your arm doesn't hurt anymore?

    Oh shoot! I didn't even think of this. Thanks for your input!
  • My midwife hasn't even mentioned this shot. Is it standard protocol during pregnancy? I see a lot of you and your SOs got one. Hrmmm
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    Yep. It'll be gone in a day or two.
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  • Yes, mine hurt for about three days, and possibly just by coincedence those three days were pretty miserable overall physically, but just like a headache it just goes away and you feel a million times better. Last time I got the TDaP I had multiple glasses of wine, this time I just did nothing.
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  • Yes! I couldn't sleep on that side for a couple days, it hurt so bad!
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    I only had a little bit of soreness for a couple days (only hurt when I touched it or laid on my side).  It is perfectly normal to have a lot of soreness though.  I was surprised I didn't

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  • I put hot compresses on my arm.
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