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Ikea furniture ??

IF you purchased nursery furniture through Ikea, what did you choose?

We are looking into getting furniture from there for the nursery. Also wondering what dresser works best to place a changing pad on. TIA!

Re: Ikea furniture ??

  • jreaveyjreavey member
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    I have the Hemnes 3 drawer dresser. It is a little too tall to use as a changing table. We chose the Sundvik crib, because I like the solid sides. Then the Gulliver changing table. Most of our furniture is from ikea and I've found it all to be very sturdy. The baby's furniture wasn't too difficult to assemble either.
  • We have the Gulliver crib and the Hemnes 8drawer for DS, both have held up just fine for two years now. We didn't buy an ikea mattress, thoughwe went with a Naturepedic Organic.

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  • We have the sundvik crib and the vyssa spelevink mattress and love them! The crib is a little lower than some of these monster cribs, but the crib skirt I have from pottery barn kids is the perfect height for it, so it's definitely not too low. Such a great deal for a sturdy crib and cushy mattress!

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  • We have this crib in white:


    It's definitely a bit smaller than most of the cribs at the baby stores, but it's very clean and streamlined and looks great in our clean, modern nursery. There's plenty of room in there for LO, and his room is small.

    Can't help with the dresser because we actually sanded and spray painted an old dresser white, put on new knobs, and use that for LO's dresser. I am proud to say that we probably only spent like $200-$250 on the nursery! I will say that we have the Hemnes coffee table and media console (also in white) in our living room, and they are very sturdy, attractive, and high-quality. You have to watch out though, because some of the furniture lines at Ikea are crappy and made out of particle board. That stuff probably won't hold up very well. 



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    image swelniak:
    We have the sundvik crib and the vyssa spelevink mattress and love them!

     This and despite warnings we received, setup was a breeze. 

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  • kegkeg member
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    For my twins we got Gulliver cribs (love them!) and a Hemnes 8 drawer dresser.  We initially put a changing pad on top, but it turned out we never used it and just changed diapers elsewhere (nothing to do with the furniture). 

    For this LO, we're reusing one of the Gulliver cribs.  Her room is our old office that had a number of Expedit shelving units in it.  I just repurposed one into a dresser by getting the fabric bins for it.  Nothing is at a good changing table height so we got Spoling changing table which I love. 

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  • We have the gulliver crib and the hemnes 8 drawer dresser that we use as a changing table. Both are very sturdy. We do not have an ikea mattress because they felt too soft to me but a standard mattress fits. My son is 2.5 and they are going strong!
  • la79alla79al member
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    We got a Hensvik crib for DD1 and then another one for DD2.  That particular one is not being made anymore but I think the Ikea cribs are all pretty much the same quality and ours have held up SUPER well.  Both girls will use DD2s as a trampoline (at the same time) and we've had no issues.  We did go with a mattress from Walmart instead of the Ikea ones. 

    We also got the Hemnes 3 drawer dresser and put a changing pad on top of that to use with DD1 and it worked out perfectly.  By the time DD2 was born, we did 98% of diaper changes on the floor because the nursery was upstairs and trying to take a toddler and a baby up the steps for a diaper change just seemed like too much work.  In retrospect, I wish we would have gotten the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser instead.  We just redid the girls bedroom and if we had gone with the 8 drawer we could have one dresser in there instead of 2.  And the dresser is probably going to last longer than we really need their furniture to last so no replacing it with the bigger one :(

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  • We have the Malm dresser, which we put a changing pad on. We have the 6 drawer/low one.

  • We have the Gulliver crib, Gulliver changing table, and then an Expedit with bins for clothes and books and toys. 


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