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7 month old diet

I'm concerned, reading some things on the internet that my son's diet might not be what it should be.  He's at my mother in law's during the day, and is offered an 8 ounce bottle at all feedings but doesn't always eat the full 8 ounces.  I think on average throughout the day he has around 30-35 ounces of formula.   

He has a bottle when he wakes up (typically between 5:30 and 6:30), 2 bottles at my mother in law's throughout the day (usually one around 10 and one around 3), then he has a 4 ounce bottle with 1/2-full container of Gerber stage 1 baby food mixed with 2 ounces of rice cereal. He may have a few puffs for a snack right after.  Then he has a bottle at 8:30 for bed. 

We just started the baby food a few weeks ago, started with veggies and moved to fruits.  I didn't want to do more than one feeding with baby food until he was used to it....which he is slowly but surely working up to...he's starting to move his mouth to the spoon and opening his mouth without me having to shove it in there.  lol

He also drinks water here and there out of his sippy cup....not so much as a snack/drink but because we are trying to get him used to the sippy cup since he isn't really all that into holding his own bottle but LOVES trying to grab at a cup if you're drinking out of it!

Should he be having less formula and/or more solids/baby food??  Is it bad that he isn't on a breakfast/lunch/dinner type of schedule yet?

Oh, also, he's a BIG baby....he's in the 97th percentile and has been really since birth.  He's around 24 lbs at 7 months.

Re: 7 month old diet

  • Before age 1, the bulk of their nutrition should come from BM/formula.

    My LO didn't start eating 3 meals consistently until around 11-12m. At 7m we didn't always offer him solids every day if it wasn't convenient. The transition to solids should be a gradual process.

    Talk with his Pedi if you're concerned, but I wouldn't get too worried about having him on a 3 meals a day at 7m. 

  • Whew, thanks!  Just was maybe concerned 30-35 ounces of formula a day was too much and maybe we should incorporate more solids to help lower the ounces. 

    I feel better  :)

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  • My LO was BF so I don't know what # of ounces is recommended for FF babies.  Google search says around 30oz is average at 6m so it sounds LO is eating the normal amount. At this point solids are more about learning new tastes/textures than actual nutrition.

    I'm sure LO is fine :)

  • yea, I just saw 30 ounces around 6 months is I'm assuming more at 7 months is ok.  He was completely BF until about a month and a half ago, then I slowly incorporated formula.  :(   I think that's part of the reason he's eating so much....he was used to booby-milk and ate more frequently so he might be still used to eating frequently rather than when he's hungry.  And just used to being a little chunker  :)

  • I'll give you the data for a baby on 50th percentile: 27-30 oz/day of milk. A diet based on 90% milk and 30% solids with 674 kcal/day. I use this website to get inspired with foods for my precious. It's accurate and useful. You could give it a try! Hope it helps you too!

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