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Laser pointer on belly?

Someone had told me that using a flashlight on your belly will make the baby move.I didn't have a flashlight but I have an almost dead laser pointer. I used it on my belly quickly and the baby moved. I was just wondering if it's safe to do this. I didn't think about it until way later.

Re: Laser pointer on belly?

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    Yes I have heard this too. But it only works closer to your due date when babies eyes are fully developed. Right now they aren't developed enough to see that.

  • I'm sure your baby will be fine. I just wouldn't do it again.

    ETA: I'm sure your baby will be fine after this one time.
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  • The flashlight, and ice packs etc, usually just work later on, when their skin is much closer to your stretched skin!
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  • I read that the baby can start being responsive to light as early as 18 weeks. They recommended using a flashlight.
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