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P.orn for women

I have no idea if that is an acceptable word or not...lol.

But has anyone ever seen those books? The pictures are all if really attractive men, tastefully dressed, doing household chores like cooking and vacuuming. I feel like that right now. Hubby is cleaning everything, cooking when I'm too tired, even made me cupcakes from scratch this weekend. Granted it was my birthday lol. When he vacuumed on Sunday I told him he had never looked so attractive! Haha

Side note...I got macaroni and cheese from Panera on the way home from work...omg. So what I needed!
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Re: P.orn for women

  • You are too cute. :)
  • Yes, and they are hilarous. I wanted to pick one up the last time I saw it but didn't :( wompwomp
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  • uchhh, can I please borrow him??? My DH isn't doing sh!t to help me.  He did clean out the toilet but only after I threw up about 5 times.

  • tealowltealowl member
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    Just give me regular ol' porn and I'll be set.

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  • Ark2013Ark2013 member
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    I'm so jealous lol. My hubby is a truck driver so he is gone most of the time. He comes home a couple weekends out of the month. My house is a disaster and I barely have the energy to cook a decent meal for our three kids everyday.
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  • lp0lp0 member
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    I tell my DH he looks sexy when he's doing chores around the house but he knows I'm just trying to butter him up lol
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  • Laumb11Laumb11 member
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    lol my sister got that book for me for my bridal shower. Over the weekend my DH called me from the bathroom asking if I wanted to see something sexy.. I said no lol. He was apparently cleaning the bathtub with clorox.

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  • A friend of mine got a calendar of these guys for her bachelorette party! I thought it was hilarious!
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  • HA! yes I agree with you! I think its so hot because they are getting all sweaty and tired...jk he whines half the time of how hard it is and he doesnt know how I keep up with it all. I just smile and say " Well you know dear I always have had your help" (LIE) Every time we talk he thinks he helps soo much. No dear taking out the garbage weekly does not make my load much lighter, but you go on believing thats the case :)

    In reality I do end up doing alot of the work around the house. Maybe I am old fashioned but I feel like it thanks him for working so hard for us. And its the least I can do.

  • Kind of related, but not... have you all heard of the Hawkeye Initiative? It's an awesome group of people re-drawing male comic book characters in the typical oversexed, Strong Female style. The results are 1) hilarious and 2) illuminating about how we view strong women (that is, they must be sexy as well as strong, cunning, etc.) http://thehawkeyeinitiative.com/post/50432219744/special-guest-edition-the-hawkeye-initiative-irl
  • Haha I totally get this :D Mr.MM's best dirty talk is when he tells me in a sexy voice all the things he's going to clean around the house...and then actually follows through on it ;)
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