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Progesterone question...

So, this is my 4th pregnancy. The first one I had absolutely no issues, he is now two. The second and third ended in miscarriage. My doctor said that my progesterone levels were low. With this pregnancy...i am five weeks four days...i have had two blood test and both have shown increases in all levels. I told the doctor my concerns and she prescribed me the progesterone as a precaution. This is the time that i lost the first two. Though it doesn't seem like i need it, would you still take the p as a precaution?

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    Progesterone can be something of a chicken or the egg question. Low progesterone can either cause miscarriage, or just be a symptom of miscarriage. If your levels are fine now, then most likely your losses were not because of low progesterone; your progesterone was low because the pregnancies were not viable.
    That said, progesterone supplements is one of the those things that does no harm, only good if needed, so there's really nothing wrong with taking it just in case.
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    Thanks, got it today. :
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