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Already thinking #2

So we were team green for our first and we'll reuse our boy name for the next one (we actually have two alternative choices for boys besides) But now I'm speculating on girl names in case #2 is also a girl. We aren't going to TTC until DD is at least 18mo BTW

DD is Oona Persephone

We are considering  Brigid/Brigit as our first name choice. I also like Tatiana (nn Tatia) as another first name consideration but haven't had a chance to run it by DH before posting. I wrote this post to pick your brains on MN suggestions as he dubs it too soon to discuss (tho he did admit to liking Brigit/Brigid) and I am drawing blank.

 DH likes Celtic or Latin names with lots of vowel sounds.

Here is my girls name short list for perspective on my naming style:


Marlene (nn Leana, Marla)


Estelle (nn Stella)

Willamina (nn Willa, Billy, Mina, Minnie)

Isadora (nn Dory, Sadie, Dora)

Penelope (nn Poppy, Penny, Pippa, Nell)

Belladonna (mn Only)

Charlemagne (one of my few cross-gender favorites, first name only, nn Charly)

Arianrhod  (mn only)

Arachne (mn only)








Millicent (nn Millie)

Minerva  (nn Minnie)

Roosevelt (mn only)

Roxanna (nn Roxy, Rocky)

Theodora (nn Theo, Dory, Dora)


Vladamira (nn Vlora)



I realize that my naming style is not for the faint of heart. If you hate my names then I will probably hate your suggestion. But if you think you can help, I'd love to hear it.

So... middle name suggestions for Brigit/Brigid and/or Tatiana?

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Re: Already thinking #2

  • I LOVE Brigid-- it sounds weird with out LN so I could never use it.  Tatiana is just OK for me

    Brigid Allegra

    Brigid Hyacinth

    Brigid Rosalind

    Brigid Willow

    Brigid Calliope

    Brigid Persephone

    Brigid Aster

    Brigid Chalcedony (Cal-sed-nee)

    Brigid Larimar

    Brigid Cecily 

    You have a much braver naming style than I do, but I am admiring a lot of names on your list-- particularly Ursula, Zelda, Astrid and Isadora





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  • I have no suggestions, I just have to say your list of names is awesome!
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    I would characterize your style as brave also. I like some more than others.
    I really just piped up to say that I know a Tatianna Camille my best friend's teenage daughter and always thought that was a nice combo. As an aside, Tatianna is not crazy about her name and says kids at school mess it up. Still not sure how, but that's the word.
  • Brigid Isadora

    Brigid Vladamira

    Tatiana Ariadne

    Tatiana Estelle

    Tatiana Rose

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  • Brigit Isadora is pretty!
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