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Daycare and/or Nanny Share (Midtown West)

Hello All-

My wife and I are expecting in september and will be looking into daycare and/or nanny share beginning in 3/2014. We are so new to all of this, we don't really know much.

Any advice on daycare or contact from other families looking for a nanny share would be greatly appreciated. Any advice about navigating child care in our crazy expensive Manhattan would be a bonus!

Looking forward to talking with other NYC parents.


J and R 

Re: Daycare and/or Nanny Share (Midtown West)

  • Hi,

     Yes, you are correct childcare is crazy expensive in Manhattan. We recently had a baby in February and are still looking into daycare options. We live on the UES and only really felt comfortable with one daycare and joined the waiting list in September 2012 and there are still no open spots. We decided to do a nanny share for when I go back to work in September we are just working on the details.

    I would put your names on a couple of waiting lists for daycare and also look at the website We posted on there and have been speaking to a couple of families from there. 

     Good luck and congrats on your impending arrival. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.  

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