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anyone here been or go to Bradford clinic down town Charlotte? i usually go to the one in Matthews but just switched since i want to deliver downtown.

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  • Hey there... I have not been to the Bradofrd Clinic downtown but I did go tot Mintview OBGYN! They were awesome to me when I was pregnant. My pregnancy was high risk but they loved on me and my baby and took really good care of me. I would not trust anyone else than Dr. Danner and Dr. Avery!! Just a suggestion.

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  • I am a Bradford downtowner! Dr Bhojwani is AMAZING, and was a great doctor from beginning to end of my pregnancy. He even held my hands in the OR when I was getting my spinal, before my husband could come in to be with me. It must have been 5 minutes, but it really helped. He is great. 

    I kind of did the opposite- I started downtown and once I was PP switched to Matthews due to proximity. However, we plan to TTC again soon, and I am switching back to Dr. B.

    If you prefer a female Dr.  Clarke is wonderful! She was my doc for several visits to the hospital when I went into preterm labor, and was the PP doc who put in my IUD. She is very kind and gentle. 

    The U/S tech that I saw uptown is also GREAT. She explains everything to you in great detail as she is looking. Many U/S techs will not say anything to you while the U/S is happening and will only let docs explain stuff. If you have any other questions, LMK!  

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  • thanks yea i have now met with Dr. B and i really like him. now meeting with Dr. Z bc of some crazy stuff that's going on but all sound be well once they figure out whats going on lol
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