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Good Morning Ladies!  Is anyone planning on going to the Just Between Friends sale in Woodbury over the next few days?  If you are a first time parent did you sign up for the pre-sale entry tonight?  This will be my first JBF sale and would love any tips or tricks all you Mama's may have for newbies!  If anyone is planning on going tonight and like to meet up please let me know!  
Happy Shopping Mama's!

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  • I've been to the Eagan and Eden Prairie ones this year. I signed up for the presales and didn't even go. I couldn't find a place to park at the Eagan one that wasn't 6 blocks away. I just went bright and early on the first public sale day. Eagan was amazing! I filled my trunk up with bags between the first day and half price day and love all the clothes! I spent quite a bit but got clothes from newborn to 24months so I really can't complain! The Eden Prairie one was really disappointing. They hardly had any space, the clothes weren't in as good of shape and were IMO way over priced from what I got at Eagan. I only got a couple things. I also LOVED that they had so much NEW Melissa ad Doug stuff there! I got a few things for birthday presents and hope to stock up on Christmas presents at the fall sale! I would recommend hitting up the Eagan fall sale if you're able to. Let me know how the Woodbury sale is! Have fun! :
  • I'm planning on going tonight, I've never gone to it either. I asked them if it would be ok if I went to the presale since I'm a first time mom but DS is a year old but never heard back from anyone. I wouldn't think it should be a big deal to go. I'm planning at going at 6, not sure what time you were planning on going. Hopefully there will be good stuff :)
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  • I've never been to the Woodbury JBF, but here is my general consignment sale advice.

    Bigger items like gear (strollers, high chairs etc), furniture and large toys go quickest. Toys, books and clothes are usually plentiful (especially smaller sizes) and can wait until last. Make a list and prioritize it accordingly.

    With such great deals, it's easy to get carried away stocking up on larger sizes, etc, but remember that there will be another JBF in the fall for you to stock up on what you need for the winter months, so just focus on getting what you will need for the summer/fall.

    When selecting clothing, don't take time to look it over or compare prices while standing in the aisle. If you like how it looks and it is the right size, then throw it in your bag and move on. Once you've gone through all the racks, then take your loot over to a quiet corner and inspect everything more closely. Look for stains and tears, broken zippers, etc. Most of this should have been caught by inspection, but some things slip through unnoticed. You can compare prices at this time, too. Prices can vary dramatically from consignor to consignor. Be sure to double-check sizes, as sometimes things get put back in the wrong spot or mislabeled. There will likely be discard racks for you to put your unwanted items on (again, I've not been to the Woodbury sale), but if not, then you can just stick them back onto the correct rack on your way to check out!

    Last piece of advice. Be prepared for long lines. Showing up 30-60 minutes early will get you a much better spot in line and a better chance to snag some deals on the bigger ticket items, if they're on your list. Check-out lines are insane on pre-sale night, so be prepared to stand in line for up to an hour. 

    Have FUN!


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  • I think I may arrive early in case there is a line to get in. Let me know if you want to meet up! : happy shopping!!
  • Thank you for the great advice! You definitely have some great tips I look forward to using this evening! Hopefully it won't be too stormy out!
  • image LittleRsMama:
    Thank you for the great advice! You definitely have some great tips I look forward to using this evening! Hopefully it won't be too stormy out!

    So, how'd you do?? 


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  • It was a very interesting and fun first experience. There was a line Wednesday night to get in although the volunteers had already been shopping. Most of the large ticket items were already scooped up and some worn out or older items remained. Very small maternity selection which was slightly disappointing. A ton of baby clothes although we don't know the sex yet so that wasn't too helpful. Your tips and tricks were especially helpful and I want to thank you again!
  • I noticed it was pretty picked over by the time I got there for the nicer stuff. I got cute clothes and a couple toys and board books but that was about it. Some people had a TON of stuff on flat carts.
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