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Nanny going rate?

Any thoughts on the hourly rate for a full time nanny for one infant in baltimore city?

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  • We just interviewed a nanny who currently works in the city although we are in Harford County. She is making 20 an hour. She was what I call a "career nanny"...not some 22 year old doing this as a temporary job. So I think that she's at the higher end, and you might be able to find someone who charges less.
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  • xcjumpxcjump member
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    A friend of mine in catonsville pays 15 an hour. I have heard as low as 10 but I feel like that is on the low side.

  • KrisM86KrisM86 member
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    I think you can expect to pay anywhere from 12 to 20 per hour in this area depending on experience and what extras the nanny is expected to do...housework, laundry, etc.
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  • Where did you find your nanny? I have only heard of as a resource. I know DC has nanny agencies and not sure if Baltimore has the same.

    I'm trying to decide day care vs nanny because I won't need day care full time due to being in school. I'm staying home with the baby until he/she is 8 months and then will have to see which is more cost effective when I go back to school.
    I'm due December 24th :
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