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The Babies R Us (and Toys R Us) by Haywood Mall are moving over to Woodruff Rd--which will be a traffic nightmare. 

Today we drove by and noticed they were having 40 to 60% off everything sale. We thought it would be totally picked over, and parts of it were--but we were still able to get almost everything left on our registry: a changing pad, several crib sheets, a super cute floor play gym, a blanket, a hamper, plus some toys and clothes.

We didn't even look at the furniture or strollers. I noticed tons of decorations, crib sets, swaddle blankets and toys left. 

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Re: Greenville PSA~BRU

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    I second this recommendation!  DH & I got MOST of our Babies R Us registry items between them & Toys R Us at deep discounts.  The new store opens 5/24, so there's probably only another week or 2 left of the discounts.  Good luck Greenville mommies!
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